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Web3 黑话指南

“Gm” = good morning

“WAGMI” = We’re all gonna make it

“NGMI” = Not gonna make it

“Ape” / “apeing” = to dive into a project recklessly without research / based on momentum

“Wen Moon” = when will the value of this asset go so high it reaches the moon?

“Probably nothing” = probably not any thing important (used sarcastically)

“DYOR” = Do your own research

“Rekt” = “Wrecked” (lost a ton of money)

“HFSP” = “Have fun staying poor”

“FUD” = “Fear, uncertainty, and doubt”

“HODL” = “hold on for dear life.” ( hold your crypto – don’t sell)

“Whale”= entities who own a large amount of crypto that can change market in a single trade

“ Wen Lambo?”= when will you crypto to reach the moon so you can buy a Lamborghini.

“ Flippening”= moment in which the market cap of Ethereum overtakes the value of Bitcoin

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